'50's & Some '60's, Dodge Parts

1955-1956 Rt & Lt Fenders with inner panels $350 each 

2 - Splash Pan $100 each 

Radiator Housing with Horns $170, without horns, $150 

Hood with V-8 emblem $350

Whole Front End $1100

1957 Dodge Royal Lancer Glove Box Door with lock and one hinge, will sell hinge separate, $125 for door, $35 for hinge, $150 for both.

1957 Dodge Deck Lid, Good shape, $350

1955-1956 Dodge Bumper Guards, One with small dimple, $75 each, $140 for Both

1957 Dodge Tail Lights, upper lights, Original Lenses and Chrome Housings. The lenses have the DODBK part number on them, $135 each, $260 for pair

1957-1958 Dodge pickup doors, Right & Left, $650 each

 Most of the parts in this section are for 1950's Dodges. If you see what you are looking for please call the above number for prices.

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