Mopar Emblems and Memorabilia 

Neon Route 66 sign, $200, US Route 66 Highway sign, $100

8 - Quart Bottles of oil and wire rack, Vintage early 1930's, $300

Traffic Signal Light, $300

Rockwell Mfg Co., Pittsburgh, PA Parking Meter, $150

WW II US Army Field Radio Phone's (1944), $200

Very Rare Chrysler Sign, Only Dealers can buy these for display in their dealerships, $300

Duster Emblem with both posts, $30

1964 Plymouth Fury emblem for rear quarter panel each side, excellent condition, $20 per letter

Sport Emblem that goes on tailgate of Dodge pick-up, $10

Dodge D100 Emblems, both sides with mounting posts, $25 each, Both $40

Chrysler Newport script side badging, $40

Emblem for 2500 Dodge Ram Truck, $10

RAM emblem for Dodge Trucks, $10

Emblem for Dodge Ram Diesel truck, $10

For more emblems call the above number for availability

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