Mopar Engines and Related Parts


1966-1969 273 CID with 904 Transmission, both run but need to be rebuilt, $400 for both, Transmission can be purchased separately for $125

Engine can be purchased separately for $300

Mopar 315ci Poly heads & crank for 50's & 60's Mopars, Heads $200 for pair, Crank $100 

Misc engine and brake parts for 50's & 60's Mopars, call for  price, most engine parts for 315ci poly

Assortment of stock headers for older Mopar engines, call for prices and engine fit.

New Head gasket for Mopar for late 30's, 40's and 50's, Flat Head Six, new, $50

Everything Below is for a Mopar 273-360 cid LA engine

Compatition Cam High Energy, Part #20-212-2, 0.454 lift, Hydralic lifters,Lobe lift 0.3026, $135

Hydaulic lifters for above Cam, set of 16, new in box, $70

Keepers & Seals for above Cam, $34

I also have a new set of valves for 360 heads, 1.92 intake, 1.625 exhaust, $25 per cylinder, 2 new Rocker Shafts, $45 each and 16 new Push Rods, $58. Will work with both cams. For "LA" engines 

Valve Springs for above Cam, set of 16, new in box, $65


Comp Cam Magnum (273-360), New in box, $175


Other Engines I have available

2 - 400ci engines complete, 1971 vintage, $950 each

1 - 360ci magnum engine apart, have all of the pieces, needs to be rebuilt, one cylinder is scored. The engine needs to be bored 0.020 and new pistons, $400

Call for pictures